Valerie Cherish is back...for eight new episodes of ‘The Comeback.' Cameras follow Cherish as she makes yet another leap toward TV stardom, this time playing a version of herself on HBO's drama ‘Seeing Red.'

Valerie previously starred on television sitcom ‘I'm It!,' which sparked her nickname of ‘It Girl' when the show was popular...back in the early '90s. Since those glory days, however, the star's life has been different: Cherish -- portrayed by Lisa Kudrow -- was dying to get back in the spotlight so she agreed to a reality TV series, allowing cameras to follow her every move as she landed the punch-line role of Aunt Sassy on a dreadful network sitcom, ‘Room and Bored.'

‘The Comeback' is the raw, uncensored footage from those reality cameras. Created and executive produced by Michael Patrick King and Kudrow, the dark comedy explores the madness of the television world, a Beverly Hills lifestyle, and the bravery of a comic-tragic aging actress as her career flounders.

Music Supervisor: Janet Lopez

Producers: Michael Patrick King, Lisa Kudrow, Jim Kleverweis, Hans Van Doornewaard

Studio: HBO

Network: HBO